About Us

Who We Are:

Welcome to 1 Up Printworks! We're a family-owned business established in 2023, located in sunny Southern California. At the helm are two bright and budding entrepreneurs - boys aged 10 and 11, guided by their elder sister who's 18. Our business is their classroom, preparing them not only to manage money but also to understand the ins and outs of growing a business.


We specialize in trending clothing, designing, and print-on-demand services, offering an eclectic mix of styles to suit every personality. Our products are a celebration of creativity and individuality, mirroring the diversity and vibrancy of the community that we serve.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to ignite creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in the hearts of our young team members while delivering quality, on-demand print and design services to our customers. We believe in learning through experience and growing through challenges. At 1 Up Printworks, we're creating not just a business but a legacy for the next generation.


What Sets Us Apart:

At 1 Up Printworks, our unique edge comes from the fresh perspectives of our young team and the dedicated guidance of their elder sister. This blend of youthful creativity and wisdom gives birth to products that are fresh, unique, and catered to the latest trends. We offer a seamless fusion of design, creativity, and superior print quality.


Our Team:

Our team is the heart and soul of 1 Up Printworks. Composed of our young entrepreneurs, their learning journey is at the core of our operations. Every product we design, every order we fulfill, is a step in their education, an exercise in responsibility, creativity, and business savvy. Their elder sister, with her wisdom and guidance, ensures that we remain on a path of continual growth and learning.


Our Commitment:

We are committed to delivering top-quality products while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our young team. Your satisfaction as a customer fuels our drive to continually improve and innovate. When you choose 1 Up Printworks, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in the dreams and education of young entrepreneurs.